Thursday, August 17, 2006

I have a new home

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

sadly the Notebook did not materialise! humpf

instead were ballroom dancing lessons and Robbie Williams tickets

make of that what you will

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

birthday girl

tomorrow I am 36 years old - gawd!

I have a surprise pressie from DH, eeek, from past experiences these are not good!! ...what I was really, really hoping the Birthday Fairy would bring me was a Notebook (and not the paper kind)...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

This was my breakfast on Saturday morning, a good few rashers of bacon, two fried eggs and tomoatoes...delicious and it really did set me up for the day. It was un-rushed and I sat in the winter sunshine (yes it really is this warm in WINTER) and read the paper and drank my tea. Wouldn't it be nice if I could do this every morning? But then I guess it wouldn't feel anywhere near as special. Note* it makes me chuckle that the Maldon Sea Salt (that originates just up the coast from my friend in England) and the salt that I am so fond of is cheaper to buy in my local supermarket on the other side of the world than it is in the UK...if only it were the same for teabags.

Friday, August 11, 2006

this is for Berriehead, I too said I would never take one of those downward shots of my shoes, before you know it, I'll be taking downward shots of my feet and that will be scary

on the shoe note, I have these babies coming over from the UK (it might take a little longer now with all the problems on the planes) I've wanted a pair of Scholls since I was 6 years old and I used to play in my aunt's old white ones - she died an alcoholic, a sad sad story she was a war baby, her mom got pregnant to a GI in the depths of the English countryside, he went home or missing in action - the American governement never would tell them...the result dentical twins who got split and adopted out, when they were 16 they found their real mom again (my mum's mum), but one of those twins never quite got over it...
I always felt connected to her and I still do, these shoes remind me of her! ...and you know how much I love green shoes

I've pretty much decided to start a new blog over at a new home, I'm not sure if I'll go back to Typepad or give something else a try. I'm going to have a look around and see what's what. I'm really enjoying being back, being the real me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I spent a lovely half hour reading Country Living USA (I so love that I can easily buy that here, albeit a bit old by the time the price comes down - current international mags are $16!) . I marvelled at the surroundings and wondered just what has been wrong with me the last few months? Surely this is what I wanted? And it is but I guess getting here was harder than I thought it was at the time, if you see what I mean...

As I walked I mulled over the whole renting thing, and contrary to what I said yesterday, it is not the renting thing at all really, it is *this* house that I do not like, and to go even further than that it is cos I feel like I can't get out there, paint it to how I like it (i.e. anything other than the dreary, dreary AWFUL green on there now). And that is the answer I think, get outta here as soon as. However, saying this, reading the magazine did make me think that with more effort I could probably do more with it, but I don't quite have the's not mine!

A walk this morning...(just love the name Boom Rail), the first part of the walk entailed holding the hand of a screaming, whingeing 4 year old, who thinks that screaming and whingeing means he'll get his own way. I just let him carry on and ignored him, it carried on for a long time until I had to tell him to stop, I enjoyed these views (a 4 min walk from our house) with the moaning in my ear. Kind of spoils the vision a bit.

After the walk, the stop at the beach collecting shells, him climbing on the boats, me sitting on the boats, he turned to me and said "mummy I really enjoyed our time on the beach today" duh!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

thank you thank you thank you

what more can I say

I truly did not expect any comments, I thought I had peeed off my bloggin friends with my disappearing act. I considered starting another new blog and going from there with the new honest me (no I am not gonna start harping on about being real again!) but at the end of the day I just couldn't be bothered to re-register another blog and set it all up. I might do that soon though!

Virtually everything I read about tells me the virtues of writing stuff down and I've missed that, even if it just is the mundane things that I read about and I've missed reading the journey of my friends too.

On life in Australia? We still love it, the winter has been mild in UK terms, but it is amazing how we are finding 17C to be cold when in the UK 17C would mean summer was certainly on the way! Roll on summer here and 30C days, cos I am sure missing them lol!

I am slightly (just a teeny) bit concerned that we have not made the complete move with this one - we are basically still in the commercial world of suburban life, albeit with sun, sand and surf! DH still has to commute, leaves early and gets home late and there are still people around here who are more concerned whether or not they have the latest model Mercedes and what label their kids' are wearing or what private school they go to than what is going on in the world, but hey ho I can handle that.

I do think that a move to the country (or the coast but not near the city coast) is still in the midst. The problem with this being that our oldest son is 11 and *another* change probably wouldn't be that good for him....we'll see, I don't think it is in the pipeline for a good few years anyway, perhaps even longer. What we do know is that selling our house in the UK would buy us a huge house in the country outright with a good lump sum in the bank too, meaning a whole different world of flexibility for us......

Anyway must go, I am rock climbing this morning (yep still doing it). I love it, bought my own harness, shoes and chalk bag this week so that must mean I love it!
Well it seems I am back to my bloggin. I don't know what happened to Dolly, I guess she got depressed. I know she got depressed. Looking back on it, I suppose the massive upheaval of moving to a new country blah blah blah just got to me. If I can say one thing from the whole experience, it is that I am not good at not owning my own home. It kinda makes me feel insecure and with my background, insecure leads me down a rocky path.

With that said I am blogging again. Probably a very different blog now. I want this to *truly* be about me, Dolly got a bit dillied about I reckon in the last blogging adventures. This place I guess I can just write or blog, isn't that what this whole thing is about?